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A Full-Service Plumbing Company

 focuses on residential and commercial plumbing.

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Lameyer is Dorr’s and West Michigan's favorite local plumbing company...

Offering a full range of plumbing services to Dorr and the surrounding towns and cities. For almost 30 years, our plumbers have built up our top reputation to what it is today, including our customer satisfaction and testimonials as proof.


The level of expertise that our plumbing technicians bring to your home or business is unmatched. We work hard to ensure your home or commercial property is well taken care of so that Lameyer Plumbing is the name you remember the next time you hear someone is looking for a plumber.

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Custom Homes, Commercial &

At our company, we offer an array of plumbing services that you can conveniently select for your home or business, whether you are building a custom home, a new commercial space, remodeling, or need repairs to your kitchen or bathroom. 


To learn more about the services and the latest and most advanced products we offer, stop by our showroom in Dorr we're happy to show you around and help with product selections.  


Expert Solutions

Lameyer Plumbing is a full-service Michigan plumbing company that focuses on residential and commercial plumbing. Our business understands that first-hand, reliable service is more than just our daytime job. It is our obligation to you, our customer, that we will be there to help in any way that we can when any plumbing needs arise.


We understand that looking for and finding a trustworthy plumber isn’t always the most straightforward task, but it is well worth the effort.  At Lameyer Plumbing, we determine your needs and go above and beyond the standard level of service to give you the most competent service. 

Need Any Plumbing Services? Call Us : 616.877.4665

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